Empowering Excellence across Healthcare Industries

Ideal Medical International was built upon foundations of long established trade experience in the UK and is now continuing to empower companies globally with our tried and true innovative solutions for distribution success.

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Trusted throughout the UK

Established in 2011, Ideal Medical Solutions Ltd is the base of Ideal Medical International's expertise in providing innovative products and is renowned for bringing medical technology to market in the UK and Ireland.

From direct-to-patient options to private and public hospitals across the country, Ideal Medical Solutions has fostered incredible relationships with both users of our product range and their medical providers. We are proud that our continuously hard-working team combined with our ever growing knowledge of markets and products ensures each connection is always provided the best solution for their unique requirements.

Rapid global expansion

Growing on our foundation in the UK, Ideal Medical International was formed in 2019 to expand opportunities further. Expanding our presence internationally in conferences, events and partnerships, we also now hold both ISO 13485 and SOR/98-282 MDSAP certification.

With device performance and patient safety prioritised at the forefront of everything we do at Ideal Medical International, you can be sure that each of the innovative solutions available to you are being handled with care.

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Our Core Values

Here at Ideal Medical International, our mission is to improve the global quality of healthcare by producing and marketing innovative, high quality products for patients and healthcare professionals.

To achieve this, Ideal Medical International upholds four core values to maintain effectiveness and fulfil our customer’s needs through:

· Partnership

· Commitment to Quality

· Business Agility

· Effective Innovation

To view details on our growing distribution partnership opportunities, please contact our International Business Development Manager.