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Experienced in working across the world, Ideal Medical International is spreading the latest healthcare innovations; helping products move beyond ordinary borders and offering support with every aspect of expansion to enable distributors the best access to solutions.

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As a British-based Manufacturer, Ideal Medical International is proud to offer new and innovative technology for improving patient care.

We are actively seeking ambitious and like-minded partners, and are accepting applications for global distribution partners.

If you're interested in working together to help patients get access to the latest medical technology while relieving the growing financial burdens current treatments cause for healthcare providers, please get in touch.

Portable Ultrasound Relief for Chronic & Acute Pain

Composed of a reusable driver alongside disposable actuators and adhesive patches, pain-Guard delivers localised ultrasound energy to create a therapeutic effect that both relieves pain and assists in soft tissue healing.

Non-Invasive Catheter Bacteria Prevention

uro-Guard™ is a small external device that attaches to in-dwelling urinary catheters to help prevent infection, pain, blockage and spasm, often caused with long term use. Its innovative technology works by using low frequency ultrasound to help prevent bacteria from building up on the catheters while in use.