Closed-circuit, single-use fat transfer system, that works in line with existing equipment

Overview of the Filtron Tissu-Trans System

  • Closed System
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Single-use
  • Works with standard theatre suction
  • Filters non-viable cells during harvest saving valuable theatre time
  • Eliminates the need for centrifuge
  • Proven fat viability
  • Fat is easily transferred directly into syringes for reinjection
  • Cost-effective sizes ranging from 100cc – 2000cc

The FILTRON Tissu-Trans system provides a sterile, single use, closed system for collection of adipose tissue requiring only a few simple steps:

  • Tumescent solution is infused
  • Attach harvest tubing to cannula of choice
  • Attach standard tubing to suction source
  • Turn on reduced suction to 15” Hg
  • Harvest fat into the Filtron Tissu-Trans
  • Once desired volume has been collected turn off suction and close lid ports
  • Attach transfer tube and invert
  • Attach leur lock syringe and open clamp
  • Decant adipose tissue directly into leur lock syringe
  • Fat is now ready for reinjection

We also offer a full range of Single-Use Infiltration, Harvest and Reinjection cannulas.

Sterile, fast, effective, quality harvest without exposure to ambient air, mess or hassle

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