Nasal Splinting

Denver Nasal Splinting

Denver Splints Overview:

  • Provides stabilisation on the nose after surgery as well as reduction of edema after nasal surgery or trauma
  • Mouldable yet firm splints retain nasal bones in position
  • Length of wear is 7-10 days
  • Only takes 60 seconds to apply

Denver Splints Nasal Series 1500

  • Soft moldable aluminium
  • Two-piece Velcro
  • The layers give cushioned pressure on subcutaneous tissue
  • Dorsal pad reduces dead space and skin wrinkling and reduces possibility of polybeak

Denver Splint® Series 1500 are available as a kit or non-kit:

10-1500-05KS Kit, Small/Medium 65x35mm Kit 5/box
10-1500-05KL Kit, Large 69x43mm Kit 5/box
10-1500-10NKS Non-Kit,Small/Medium 65x35mm 10/box
10-1500-10NKL Non-Kit, Large 69x43mm 10/box

Benefits of
Denver Splint Kit

  • Stabilisation of the nose after surgery
  • Reduction of edema after nasal surgery or trauma
  • Mouldable aluminium retains nasal bones in position
  • Layers give cushioned pressure over subcutaneous tissue
  • Dorsal pad reduces dead space and skin wrinkling
  • Dorsal pad reduces the possibility of polybeak

Sterile Kit

  • 1x Denver Nasal Splint
  • 1x Alcohol Pad
  • 1x Skin protective wipe
  • 1x Dorsal Pad
  • Pre-cut nasal tape strips
  • Instructions for use

Denver Splints Nasal Series 4000

The Thermoplastic Splints are rigid, opaque, lightweight, low-temperature thermoplastic splinting material.

Simply soften with hot water and mould over taped nose.

Denver Splint® Series 4000 is available as a kit or non-kit and in two different colours:


10-4021-05KP Kit, Petite Ivory 58x30mm Kit 5/box
10-4021-05KS Kit, Small/Medium Ivory 65x35mm Kit 5/box
10-4021-05KL Kit, Large Ivory 69x43mm Kit 5/box
10-4021-10NKP Non-Kit, Petite Ivory 58x30mm 10/box
10-4021-10NKS Non-Kit,Small/Medium Ivory 65x35mm 10/box
10-4021-10NKL Non-Kit, Large Ivory 69x43mm 10/box


10-4022-10KP Kit, Petite Blush 58x30mm Kit 5/box
10-4022-10KS Kit, Small/Medium Blush 65x35mm Kit 5/box
10-4022-10KL Kit, Large Blush 69x43mm Kit 5/box

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